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1486MS - Porthole Ship's Baro--Thermometer
levertijd 5 a 9 dagen
1488MS - Porthole Ship's Hygrometer
levertijd 5 a 9 dagen
1586CR - Baro--Thermometer
levertijd 5 a 9 dagen
Merk: AQUA Model: 6102
Excl. BTW:€385,95
1586MS - Baro--Thermometer
levertijd 5 a 9 dagen
Merk: AQUA Model: 6105
Excl. BTW:€378,51
levertijd 5 a 9 dagen
Merk: KELV Model: LAM0119
The soft glow of the Companion Lamp sets the mood for an elegant tabletop dinner. The base of this charming table lamp is crafted of solid cast brass that is polished and lacquered. It has a non-skid bottom with holes that can be used for permanent mounting on a table surface so it won't slide aroun..
Excl. BTW:€37,15
levertijd 5 a 9 dagen
Merk: KELV Model: LAM0118
The Dutch-made brass Cargo Lantern is a versatile lamp that can be used both indoors and outdoors. Because of the glass panels that surround the oil burner, the flame will not blow out in a breeze. The Cargo Lamp can be set on a table or hung from the brass bail. The lamp is constructed of solid bra..
Excl. BTW:€132,19
levertijd 5 a 9 dagen
Merk: Lankhorst Taselaar Model: 21613037
Helder acryl. Facetten aan lange zijde. Steunschijven aan onderzijde tegen glijden...
Excl. BTW:€16,82
passer etui pvc wit
levertijd 5 a 9 dagen
Merk: ONDE Model: 17118
Excl. BTW:€5,45
passer recht 17cm
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Merk: ONDE Model: 10556
Excl. BTW:€13,43
Portland Course Plotter
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Merk: KELV Model: PLA0132
De-lux Breton Type plotter with raised nurled compass rose for easy use with cold, wet hands...
Excl. BTW:€14,71
Merk: KELV Model: PLA0131
"The Portland Course Plotter Kit Used worldwide by practical and shore based instructors, Bright blue directional arrow prevents accidental reciprocal bearings, Edges are graduated for tide and boat speed, Base has a fixed grid so it is easy to plot latitude from your GPS system, Includes a 7"" S..
Excl. BTW:€28,93
Weergeven 1 t/m 12 van in totaal 96
Kaartentafel: W&P 8 Straight Brass Dividers (173), W&P Ultralight Chartwork Kit, W&P 12 Parallel Rule (140)